Tarra-Wall Project
Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney
The Tarra-Wall project represents a proposal for a ceramic tiled mural in the Rocks area of Sydney.  Each tile (or a uniform size) will carry a creative contribution by an individual drawn from as broad a cross section of the community as possible, with the only common link being the location or purpose for with the contribution will be used.
Over 1000 contributions from a number of diverse sources throughout Sydney, were collected and arranged according to the relative densities that each contribution represented.  These, along with others, will be placed together to form larger patterns that represent textile designs from throughout the Asia-Pacific and Oceania regions.
Reference to the locaton, the history of the area and the land-use are all part of the concept of the work being seen as a ‘landscape’ rather than just a community project.
In attempting to bring together these many divergent elements, the project makes a parallel with a Buddhist tradition known in India as ‘kantha’ and in China as ‘Chia-sha’.  It involves the random sowing together of discarded or donated cloth to produce a garment that symbolises humility and universality.
All the work done so far including letters, drawings, references, title samples and other associated work is exhibited together as a singular landscape.

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